VE Group is a group of design and manufacturing companies that produces a range of video and audio furniture and racks that provide functional elegance for presentation and production studio environments. VE group is made up of Video Furniture International, VFI, and Audio Video Metals, AVM.

VFI manufactures furniture for video conferencing and presentation for boardrooms, public spaces and classrooms. Complementing the elegance and warmth of wood and laminate furniture, is VFI's line of steel and wood equipment racks for custom audio and video system installations.

AVM manufactures a complete range of audio and video studio and facilities room rack equipment and accessories. Precise machining and stamping, industry EIA standard specifications and innovative features allow efficient, professional fitting of all manner of rack mounted electronic equipment and patch panels.

VE Group is located in Aurora, north of Toronto, in Canada. Warehousing and distribution is located in Buffalo, New York. All VFI and AVM products are manufactured locally. Modern production facilities were designed with a green, environmentally friendly focus.

VE Group creates designs that communicate

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